The basic advantages of databases on text files:

A simple solution

for small sites

  • 100% portability
  • Simple interface
  • The speed is limited only by the capacity your HDD
  • API for those who wish to spread the UI and ServerSide (in development)


The basic advantages of databases on text files:

  • Data which are stored in text files, are 100 % transferred.
  • Such DB can be used without problems on any platform.
  • Text files are easily edited by means of the simple text editor, and also they can be unpacked easily.
  • Text databases лешко and simply to create, and furthermore - to bring in them the necessary data.
  • Text files are easily imported to office programs or serious DB.
  • Being based on such preconditions the tool which will allow you to work even easier with such type of databases has been created.

    Monomal csstem requirements of a script - perl, the web server - for example apache.

    The script is written on perl, therefore knowledge of this programming language will be necessary for you also.

    The basic advantage, and at the same time - fields can accept a lack of an offered script absolutely обьые values (except office about what it is told in section of restrictions) and have no restrictions on lenght.

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